Session Overview

How to achieve integrated monitoring and visibility across AWS accounts

Our customers typically use 40+ AWS services over multiple regions and multiple accounts. Learn how to gain integrated visibility across your whole AWS presence and reduce the noise to find critical issues quickly.

Insights from the Sumo Logic 2020 Continuous Intelligence report

Learn about key trends across DevOps, cloud and security, its implications, and how practitioners can leverage the learnings as they build, run and secure modern applications and cloud infrastructures effectively.

Monitoring the Software Delivery Pipeline: How to release code faster and improve quality

According to DevOps and Research Assessment (DORA), software delivery performance is a strong predictor for increased organizational productivity and profit, higher customer satisfaction, improved team collaboration and culture as well as healthier work/life balance and reductions in burnout.

This session will look at how to measure the effectiveness of your development and delivery processes, as well as monitor and troubleshoot your software delivery pipeline via real-time actionable insights across development, QE, DevOps, and executive teams.

Case Study: Children’s Place: Delivering successful cloud migration

Learn how Children’s plan leveraged Sumo Logic to support a successful AWS migration, and accelerate the adoption of serverless technology, and prepare for an increased customer demand online.

Supporting Demos

New to the Cloud Demo

Cloud migration is a daunting prospect. Use Sumo Logic to simplify the process of adopting cloud while maintaining reliable and secure applications.

AWS Observability Demo

Learn how to leverage all of the telemetry generated by AWS services to accelerate issue resolution, automatically determine the root cause of failures, and optimize usage of AWS services.

Software Development Observability Demo

See how Sumo Logic can help measure the efficiency of your software development pipelines.

Supporting Workshop

Deploying to Production Faster

Learn how to identify inefficiencies in your pipeline and get to production faster with the Software Development Observability Solution.


Session Overview

Going Beyond the Three Pillars: How to Achieve Observability

This session will look at how to guide your observability strategy based on what you want to achieve, what your users care about, and the data you need to achieve it.

Application Performance Management for Microservices with Sumo Logic

Modern microservices are incredibly complex. It’s essential to understand end-to-end user transactions in order to provide the best user experience and meet SLAs. Learn how to use distributed tracing and OpenTelemetry to provide a complete picture of your application performance.

Zooming in on the Map: System Observability for DevOps

In an organization practicing DevOps, dev and ops (and even support) have to share responsibilities for reliability engineering. They need different views based on the same information. This customer session will outline how Sumo Logic’s observability solutions gives their team a single source of truth across logs, metrics and traces.

Entity empowered troubleshooting

Modern applications are sufficiently instrumented and complex, creating a swell of data that's hard to navigate, parse and understand without proper context. Entities provide the backbone of your data streams, enabling you to tie all the individual measurements back to the objects and their interactions that happen on your actual stack. By traversing entities and overlaying raw data, Sumo Logic can help tie together raw signals with root causes.

Alerts to answers: guided root cause exploration for AWS apps

Troubleshooting incidents in a modern AWS app is challenging given the diversity of AWS services in use and the dependencies between them. This customer session will lead AWS infra/DevOps engineers and SREs through a root cause exploration methodology and best practices that will reduce time to resolution.

Supporting Demos

Microservices Observability

How to leverage Sumo Logic to achieve full observability for Microservices-based applications - moving seamlessly from SLI alerts to transaction analytics to error logs.

AWS Observability Demo

How to leverage all of the telemetry generated by AWS services to accelerate issue resolution, automatically determine the root cause of failures, and optimize usage of AWS services.

Supporting Workshop

Implementing Distributed Tracing

Hands-on lab with the tracing Travelogic demo.

Finding, solving, and preventing failures

Finding failures (pods failing because limits aren’t set) solving problems, creating alerts.

SecOps: Technical

Session Overview

Getting started with security at Sumo Logic

Did you know Sumo Logic provides security solutions? If not, this is the perfect place for you to start--regardless if you’re in SecOps, DevOps, or ITOps! In this session you’ll see how Sumo Logic makes security analytics easier across a wide spectrum of use cases. We’ll begin by discussing security operations challenges that many security teams and organizations are facing around the globe. Then we’ll jump into the different security solutions Sumo Logic offers and map the top use cases that each supports.

Leveraging the Sumo Logic platform for security and compliance

Advance your knowledge of how to leverage the Sumo Logic platform for security. We’ll discuss utilizing LogReduce/LogCompare, and our outlier functionality to determine anomalous activity around entities. You’ll learn how to take advantage of Sumo’s out-of-the-box content for security applications -- including several new Work From Home solutions. In addition, we’ll walk through our native integration with CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence feed and how you can gain real-time dashboards and alerts. Finally, we’ll share how you can collapse your compliance use cases all in one place).

A deeper look at Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise

Step into a day in the life of a security analyst and see how Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM Enterprise fundamentally changes how analysts go about their day. We’ll focus on Insights, enrichments, artifacts, and other items that help automate much of what level 1 security and SOC analysts manually perform daily. We’ll also review a few real-world examples and share how analysts can start with eyes on incidents, and ultimately move to fully automated insights integrated with common tools such as Slack, SOAR tools, and ticketing systems.

Unique security requirements for cloud and modern technologies

Digital transformation has changed the attack surface, and organizations are generating more data than ever before. What does this mean from a security standpoint? Attend this session and hear more about what makes a modern SaaS SIEM solution and why it’s critical for detecting threats across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Finally, we’ll explore what tomorrow’s SIEM might look like.

Emerging threats: a view from the front lines

In this session we will take a look at the threat landscape in 2020 and discuss the new realities and threats that we face in a post-COVID-19 world. Additionally, this session will focus on how organizations have started to transition to zero trust models and how the threat models have changed.

Supporting Demos

Leveraging your Sumo platform for security and compliance

Watch this demo to see how your Sumo Logic platform can be used to perform an investigation of a security event. In addition, we will review all of the out-of-the-box content available in Sumo Logic for both security and compliance.

If you already attended our “Leveraging the core Sumo platform for security and compliance” session, then you should definitely watch this accompanying demonstration!

Deeper look at Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise

With 70% of SOC teams seeing their security alert volumes more than double in the past 5 years, it’s no wonder 99% of them said they’d benefit from having additional SIEM automation capabilities. This demo will show you how Sumo Logic is solving this challenge through our automated alert triage and streamlined SecOps workflows within Cloud SIEM Enterprise.

If you already attended our “Deeper look at Cloud SIEM Enterprise” session, then you should definitely watch this accompanying demonstration!

Detecting phishing attacks and Office365 account compromises

Although phishing is still the number one attack vector, as organizations move to the cloud most of the services are exposed to the world. That means attackers have 24/7 access to exposed services to try and gain access.

Watch this demo to see how Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise automatically correlates all events across disparate data sources making the detection and investigation of phishing attacks easier for an analyst. You’ll also see firsthand how Cloud SIEM Enterprise detects Office 365 account compromises.

Detecting AWS privilege escalations and anomalous behavior

As your company grows, you find yourself creating more and more accounts with multiple users. But mistakes happen and often accounts don’t get disabled in time, and lo and behold some accounts get compromised. In this demo, you will see how Cloud SIEM Enterprise can quickly and easily detect unusual or unauthorized access and identify anomalous behavior--significantly reducing the risk to your company.

Compliance made easy

Discover new ways to leverage Sumo Logic to assist your organization with achieving compliance toward cyber security frameworks, including NIST 800-53/171, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST CMMC, PCI-DSS, and SOX. By simply leveraging text panels within dashboards, you can simplify compliance by highlighting control elements covered by Sumo Logic queries. Save time spent on audit walkthroughs and measuring control effectiveness by using real-time compliance dashboards which can be easily shared with your internal and external auditors.

AWS security benchmark

Ever wondered how you compare with the rest of the industry when it comes to AWS services and security? Come see what Sumo Logic has to offer with our Global Intelligence Service for AWS.

If you attended either our “Getting started with security at Sumo Logic” or “Leveraging the Sumo Logic platform for security and compliance” sessions, you’ll definitely want to see this unique capability in action!

Supporting Workshop

SOC analyst: the ride

Roll up your sleeves because it’s time to experience Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM Enterprise from the front lines! In this live workshop you’re a security analyst working in a SOC for a large financial services organization. So jump in and get a hands-on experience of the analyst workflow and investigation process using Cloud SIEM Enterprise

You’ll experience our modern, analyst-built user interface starting with Insights, then working back to your Signals, performing Records search, and searching deeper across all your data in Sumo’s secure platform.

Along the way, you’ll learn about our different types of rules included in our out-of-the-box content and gain a better understanding of how your Signals are generated. Along the way you’ll see the flexibility of our rules engine and the ease of moving from threat investigation to response.

Attendance is limited to 30 people, so register today!

Supporting Certification(s)

Security and Compliance

In-depth analysis of threats and suspicious activity. Increase the velocity and accuracy of your threat detection.

Table Topics

Breaking down the silos between SecOps, ITOps, and DevOps

Join this open discussion where Dave Frampton, VP Security Solutions for Sumo Logic, will lead the topic on sharing how your organization is working to break down silos between these critical teams.

Evolution of the SOC and SIEM

Join this open discussion where Greg Martin, GM of Sumo’s security business unit will lead a topic on the evolution of security operations centers and SIEM tools which go hand in hand.

Goldilocks SOC: Navigating your build, buy, & partner options

Looking for the right fit between in-house SecOps vs. outsourcing and weighing all the options? Join this open discussion and share your thoughts and experiences with your peers and learn how Sumo Logic can help.

Meet the Experts

Cloud SIEM Enterprise

Already using Cloud SIEM Enterprise and need help? Feel free to ask our product and technical experts anything about Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM Enterprise solution.

Leveraging Sumo’s Continuous Intelligence Platform for security

Ask our product and technical experts anything about how you can leverage your Sumo Logic platform for your security use cases.

Deployment best practices

Ask our professional services and product support experts your questions on deploying Sumo Logic’s platform and ingesting your data sources.

Content development

What is rule-chaining? What are aggregation rules? How can these work to your advantage using Cloud SIEM Enterprise? Ask our technical experts any questions you have regarding editing Sumo Logic’s pre-built SIEM rule content or creating your own custom content.

SecOps: In action

Session Overview

Cloud SIEM and Beyond - Leveraging Sumo Across Security Operations, Threat Hunting, ITOps & more

Clorox - Executing SIEM workflows while leveraging Cloud SIEM Enterprise for additional use cases both in and out of security

Mission impossible: Solving Security and Resource Challenges Together

GreenSky - Leveraging Cloud SIEM Enterprise for SOC automation & resource leverage

Automation in Less than 7 Clicks!

Energy Authority - Automating in and around the SIEM, optimizing SOC workflows & productivity with Cloud SIEM Enterprise

Securing a Cloud Service with Sumo - From Compliance & Security Analytics to Production Application Security

Auth0 - Aggregating diverse data across/in the cloud, integrating into workflows and tooling, accelerating compliance, and expanding into application threat surfaces

Integrating Security Across Clouds & Distributed Operating Groups

SEGA Europe - Why SEGA Europe adopted Sumo Logic for Multi-Cloud Security

Platform Leads

Session Overview

Sharing cost: Chargeback and showback models

Organizations often have many teams using Sumo Logic. Sharing cost allows more teams to use Sumo Logic without breaking your budget. Learn how customers chargeback and showback models work, see examples and learn how to create your own chargeback or showback dashboard on Sumo Logic’s Credits model.

How to get new teams using Sumo Logic

Onboarding new teams to Sumo Logic involves coordination and enablement. Learn how one Sumo Logic customer vetted and onboarded new teams to Sumo Logic, as well as how to manage ingest and drive excitement leading to long term engagement and adoption.

Control costs with ingest budgets

In this session, learn to manage ingest throughout your organization, control ingest on a per-team or per source level, and attain the controls you need to confidently expand the use of Sumo Logic without risking overages.

Get the biggest bang for your buck with data tiers

Data tiers align ingestion costs with data value, enabling you to bring in more data into Sumo Logic. Learn about the benefits of data tiers, which data sets are appropriate for each tier, and how to configure Data Streams to ingest data into each tier type.

Automating workflows with APIs

Sumo Logic’s API enables powerful automation and bulk actions. Learn some of the ways that we use our API to manage accounts, including publicly available tools that you can use in your organization.

Supporting Workshop

Metadata based ingest budgets

Set up an ingest budget in Sumo Logic’s training environment. Participants will learn the benefits of managing with ingest budgets and how to set budgets for their teams.

Infrequent data tier

Learn everything there is to know about the Infrequent data tier. You’ll learn how to determine which data sets are appropriate for Infrequent, how to configure Infrequent partitions, how to query Infrequent data and how to monitor and manage Infrequent data tier usage.

Supporting Certification(s)


Develop expertise on how to set up your organization with Sumo Logic as well as how to optimize and manage queries and content to make the whole team more effective.

Deep Dive Table Topic

Onboarding new teams to Sumo Logic

Discuss onboarding best practices with peers including how to introduce new teams to Sumo Logic, to manage ingest across multiple teams and driving adoption for new users.

Meet the Experts

Sumo Logic APIs

Sumo Logic’s APIs allow customers to automate workflows and drive efficiencies across complex environments. Ask our foremost API experts about interesting use cases and how to get more from the Sumo Logic API.

Ingest budgets

Ingest budgets provide users with the controls necessary to manage costs and avoid overages. We’re here to answer questions about all things ingest budgets, including the newly released metadata-based Ingest Budgets.

Business Leaders

Session Overview

Optimize your analytics value and budget

Get a peer perspective look at how Cloud Flex Credits coupled with analytic tiers can change your perspective on data growth, and present potential new business analytic opportunities.

Sumo Logic Business Value Realization: Connecting the dots to business value

This session will highlight the business impact a Sumo Logic customer is driving in their organization by leveraging Sumo Logic’s Business Value Realization process.

Ensuring business success - the Sumo Logic customer journey

Learn how Sumo Logic partners with customers to develop a path of sustained success. Learn how to take advantage of free offerings such as Customer Success Plans, Health Checks, certification and education, and get a sneak peek into how we internally measure adoption and what ‘good’ looks like in our Customer Success team’s eyes.

Case study: Genesys’ journey to the cloud and DevOps excellence

Continuous improvement and learning are two of the core tenets of the Genesys Cloud Native solutions team. In this session, Kal Patel, Principal Architect at Genesys will discuss how they use Sumo Logic Analytics across the company (from engineering, ops to security to customer support). Kal will also share insights on how the continuous improvement and learnings mindset has influenced his organization.

Sumo Logic's architecture: How we built it, and how it's paying off for our customers

This talk will provide an overview of how Sumo Logic architected and evolved our platform over the past ten years, and why it’s well suited for today's hyper elastic workloads.

Supporting Workshop

Creating a CFO-ready business case for implementing Continuous Intelligence

Learn how to discuss and initiate the process to build a business case for prospects and customers.

Meet the Experts

Business Value Consulting

Chat with our experts on how to consider and frame the business impact and benefit you are driving in your organization by leveraging Sumo Logic and solving challenging technical problems.

Sumo Logic Licensing Model

Meet with our experts to answer all your questions on Sumo Logic’s licensing model, including credits and data tiers.

A virtual experience

Illuminate Sumo Logic User Conference

October 6–7, 2020